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Now the  best CMAS World Cup finswimmers for the 2014. After a gret year with incredible performances and world records the  season came whit the best finswimmers of the world. Adam Bukor and Anastasia Antoniak for the younger, Dmitry Seriakov and Valeria Baranovskaya for the senior ones.Congratulations to all of them.



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Now the location was the Dean's Blue Hole,  Bahamas again  performed by Mauricio Fernández, this time breaching  a full 2 feet out of the water!! Special thanks to William Trubridge Freediving world champion fot the video. Enjoy it  and wait now for FINSPIRIT LATIN AMERICA.







A new finswimming season is starting and the finspirit team wish to all the finswimmers to achieve their dreams and hopes. We are glad to share with you the popularity of the "Amazing jump" video on internet. Performed by Mauricio Fernandez, a well knowed athlete in the finswimming world, this video is now the most seen video ever of a finswimmer athlete.

Link of the video :

300.000 viewers of the "Amazing Jump" video !







Your favorite finswimming brand, Finspirit, has been represented in Cali, Colombia during the last national colombian championships. National athletes shown good results and the world champion Stefano Figini made the show. In 1'23''34 and 3'05, he completed his 200m and 400m far away from his hometown Milano.

Stefano Figini and Mauricio Fernandez in Santiago de Cali. December 2011



Once again, the meeting arena sprint was a success. The finspirit team proudly represented our sport in a very selected swimming event. We had the chance this year to have Stefano Figini, Andrea Nava and Andrea Rampazzo with us. They show an incredible shape so early in the season. 20/11/2011

Finspirit finswimming team

for more informations and pictures on the event, check on All-Finswimming :



2012, 3rd of March

Dear friends,

We have the pleasure to let you know that the finspirit products as the homologuated swimsuits will be available in the Ordizia swimming pool during the competition.

Queridos amigos,

El primero de enero se esta acercando y las nuevas regulaciones con el. Quisieramos informarles a todos que Finspirit estara representado en el famoso encuentro internacional en Ordizia Espana. Los trajes de bano homologados se encontraran disponibles en el evento.

Chers amis,

Le premier janvier arrive vite et la nouvelle reglementation avec. Nous avons le plaisir de vous informer que les nouvelles combinaisons de nage homologuées CMAS seront disponibles en vente libre lors du meeting d'Ordizia.


SNOWFINS 2012 : February 3rd to 8th

The most freezing finswimming event of the year is coming back very soon in the beautiful historic city of Tomsk. For the second edition, organiser Natalia Grechikhina, made things bigger. More funny races, more prizes for much more fun ! Don't miss the event !

Snowfins 2012

Fore more informations :




The most expected moment of the year in the Finswimming world  will finally arrive the next 28 July 2011 at Hódmezővásárhely Hungary and  the FinSpirit team will be glad to join this great event with all the products and new promotions in his usual stand. we hope to see you there and share all the emotions of the championship.

Congratulations to all the finswimmers in the past European Junior Championship, and the new record holders Gergo Kosina,Evgeny Smirnov,Petra Senanszky, and the Greek relay of 4x100 mts surface. For more information about performances and times please visit

AM Trailer Finswimming World Championship 2011 from Apnea Magazine on Vimeo.



Now you can find all the equipment  to practice the Finswimming at the on line shop. Monofins, Masks, snorkels, swimming caps  and also to a great performace the homologated CMAS Finsuits DIANA. now you have no excuses to dive and be a champion with FinSpirit, the Finswimming brand.


The Finsuits DIANA CMAS Homologated M1



At the beginning of the year Cesare Fumarola started what  it seems to be an incredible season for the Sport. The Russian Pavel kabanov  swam the last week 14''04 in the Russian cup becoming the best time in the distance. This is the same time that the chinese  Jin Long Cen did in 2008, but it was not homologated as World Record. The Record of the distance is 14''16 also performed  by Kabanov in St. Petersburg 2009. but he didn't stoped there, in the 100 immersion he was close of the world record of Evgeny Skorjenko with 31''74.

The russians seems to be awaking as the world Championship is approaching, Andrey Arbuzov during the World cup celebrated in Linz, beat the record of 50 Bifins 19''38 that until now was holded by  the Czech Ondrej Broda. Arbuzob swam 19''06 and we are waiting only the homologations. The FinSpirit team ejoyed the race with all the Finswimmers  participants of the competition.


The fastest men in 50 Bifins Andrey Arbuzov


The girls couldn't be left behind, the Russian Vitalina Simonova  in the 100 mts Bifins  beat the world record with 47"77 against the 48"55 of Vasilisa Kravchuk on the distance. The junior Vera Krasilnikova also in the Russian cup beat the 200 mts  Bifins in 1'47"06 also waiting to be homologated as all the performances this week.

FinSpirit will be the next weekend in the Dutch  international open in Eindhoven Holland, with the exclusive Finsuits homologated by the CMAS and all the products FinSpirit



When the finswimming world thought that the 100 mts surface men world record was unbeatable, Cesare Fumarola remind us, in 34'77 seconds, that we can always be faster. The second men in the finswimming history to break the wall of 35 seconds became now the fastest Finswimmer on 100 mts surface. The time was made during the last Italian competition by categories in Bari during the relay 4x100 mts . Cesare became already world champion in Bari in the same pool in 2007 during the CMAS world Championship. The old record was 34'79 performed by Pavel Kabanov in San Marino during the Finswimming European Championship 2005. Grande Cesare ! Viva finswimming !!


 This video was brought to you by Finswimmer Magazine (



The sun was the perfect company for all the athletes attending to the 5th round of the CMAS world cup in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Great Finswimmers as Pavel Kabanov, Cesare Fumarola, Stefano Figini, Camille Heitz, Anna Ber and Grace Fernandez enjoyed the weather at the pearl of the mediterranean sea where the Finspirit Team share all her fine spirit with swimmers and audience.

50m surface Men Podium Pavel Kabanov, Mauricio Fernandez, Cesare Fumarola

This was also an occasion for all the long distance swimmers to compete in the 4th open international "ILLES BALEARS" where Italy and Russia dominated the 4 km race. The Russian Kabanov won the sprint races 50 surface, 50 apnea and 100 immersion. Anna Ber did the same in 50 surface and 50 apnea but Camille heitz defeats her on the 100 mts surface.

Here are some results of the CMAS world cup:

400 mts Inmersion senior Men   50 apnea Junior woman   50 apnea Junior Men
Place Name Time   Place Name Time   Place Name Time
1 Alexey Kondratenko 02:56.94   1 Darya Dreger 00:17.56   1 Roman Giniyatulin 00:15.93
2 Fedor Babaev 02:59.32   2 Arina Penkova 00:18.06   2 Jose Antonio Perez 00:16.75
50 apnea senior Men   50 apnea senior Women   800 mts Surface Men
Place Name Time   Place Name Time   Place Name Time
1 Pavel Kabanov 00:14.44   1 Anna Ber 00:16.94   1 Stefano figini 06:31.00
2 Alexey Kazantsev 00:15.05   2 Camille Heitz 00:17.11   2 Roman Maletin 06:39.91
200 mts surface Woman   200 mts surface Men   100 mts Inmersion Men
Place Name Time   Place Name Time   Place Name Time
1 Camille Heitz 01:34.52   1 Andrea Nava 01:23.58   1 Pavel Kabanov 00:32.91
2 Elena Kononova 01:35.35   2 Roman Maletin 01:24.05   2 Mauricio Fernandez  00:33.80
100 mts surface Woman   100 mts surface Men   100 mts Bifins Men
Place Name Time   Place Name Time   Place Name Time
1 Camille Heitz 00:41.17   1 Cesare Fumarola 00:36.96   1 Aleksandr Ivanets 00:43.48
2 Anna Ber 00:41.41   2 Andrea Nava 00:36.74   2 Alexey Stepanov 00:44.35
50 mts surface junior Woman   50 mts surface Woman   50 mts surface Men
Place Name Time   Place Name Time   Place Name Time
1 Grace Fernandez 00:19.20   1 Anna Ber 00:18.62   1 Pavel Kabanov 00:15.94
2 Anastasiya Granova 00:19.62   2 Silvia Baroncini 00:19.40   2 Mauricio Fernandez 00:16.06


Finspirit wants to give special thanks to the organization, if you need any further informations you can visit:

Enjoy the Video of the 100 mts surface women (1st Place Camille Heitz from PPO France , 2nd Place Anna Ber from Tomsk Russia and 3th place Silvia Baroncini from Bologna)




The world cup of leipzig has finished as always with great times and the performances of swimmers known all over the world, FinSpirit was there enjoying the championship thanks to the organization and the great company of teams from China, Colombia, Russia, Kazakhstan,Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Poland Among others. Between the logistic work and the beauty of the City, the finswimming world lived one of the best rounds of the  World Cup this Year. 

Andrey Burakov began winning  the 50 Ap men with a time of 15''25 followed by Nikolai Tover with 15''42. In the women the world record holder Zu BaoZhen was defeated by Linag Yaoyue with a 16''44. But the main swimmer and the fastest men on earth at 800m surface and 1500m surface made a great demostration of his power. First with the 800m with 6'20''11 and then the 400m surface with 3'01''09 new german record.

Christoph Oefner also beat the German  record of 200m surface with 1'22''95, followed by  Max Lauschus with 1'22''98, an incredible race. The winner of the 100m surface was  Andrey burakov with 36''34.

It was great to be present at this competition and hope to see you in the next Round of the World cup to be held in  Palma De Mallorca, Spain. Look for us at the Finspirit Stand with new offerts and promotions. 

The Poland team,  Katarzyna Truszczyńska and Ola Szalkowska

For more information and results of the championship visit 


FinSpirit invites you to enjoy the incredible images of the most beautiful sport taken by Eric Traverso The Best Finswimming Photographer in the world. The speed, the power and the beauty all combined to create these Photos and show how fast a human being can go through the water. Many Finswimmers are now part of the FinSpirit Team, become one of us! 

Remember that you can contact us at any time just by sending a message to we would be glad to answer any question or request. 



 The Photos were taken in the past regional Championship at Versalles Île-de-France(8/05/2011). 



The next  sunday 8 may   will be held the Finswimming  Long distance Championship in Guadaloupe, at the region of Marie-Galante, FWI. The finswimmers participants  will have the chance, of knowing the beautiful beach of St-Louis. An open invitation for all the long distance lovers. 


more information:


FinSpirit has the honor of invite you  to participate on the 6th CMAS World Cup 2011, finswimming pool race, 5th round, to be organized on the 13th to 15th of May 2011 in Leipzig (Germany).


You can find all the infromation; in




This week end we had the chance to see the Finswimmer Cesare Fumarola once again in the best shape of his carrier as a sportmen. He started at 5 years old and since his first championship he has been protagonist in every race. World Champion in The Ist CMAS world games at Bari 2007 on 100 mts surface (35''60) and many podiums since his first international  race as a junior in Aguascalientes Mexico, including Shangai 2004, Turin 2006, Eger 2008 where he won  his first european gold medal in 100 mts surface (35''48) then St. Petersburg with the silver medal in 100 mts surface. Cesare became for sure one of the best finswimmer in the history of our sport.


The performances of the 2nd round of the 6th CMAS world cup for Cesare were:

  • 200 mts surface: 1'21''32 breaking his own World Record (1'21''60)
  • 100 mts surface: 34''86 the second fastest men on earth on 100 mts surface. The world record holder is Pavel Kabanov with 34''79. New Italian record
  • 50 mts surface : 15''62 his best performance in 50 mts surface. New italian record

You can find the results at:

 Watch the video of the 200mts Cesare's world record :


The FinSpirit team was there with all the new t-shirts and caps and we hope to see you at  the next international competition, the 5th round of the CMAS World cup in Balear, Spain, from may 19th until may 22th 2011. Find us at the FinSpirit Stand.



FinSpirit is glad to present you two new models from collection 2011, 100 % cotton are available now in the shop. 

            " YES I SWIM" 2011 COLLECTION                   " IT'S ALL ABOUT THE SPEED" 2011 COLLECTION 



And don't forget that you can get a free DVD of the world finswimming championship St. Petersburg 2009 for FREE just by ordering the t- shirts. 




The Italian Finswimmer Cesare Fumarola has broken the World Record of 200 mt surface  with an incredible 1'21''60. The record was performed the 12 and 13 of march during the italian Championship by categories at lignano. The old record was 1'21''78 made by Dmytry Kokorev in The european Championship Kazan 2010.

Congratulations to the Finswimmer. The video of the competition:



Great Succes at the XI International Open ORDIZIA 2011


The past february 26 finished the XI international open of Ordizia with the participation of more than 160 finswimmers from 23 teams of all over the world. Luis Salaberria was honored by the Open organization and the Basque Federation of Underwater sports, he was president of the federation by the last ten years.

The Championship count with the incredible males performances of Cesare Fumarola in 100 mts surface and 200 mts surface with 34''28 and 1'21''36 respectively, Stefano Figini at the 800 mts surface with 6'31''79, and Andrea Nava with 1'23''36 in 200 mts surface. Camille Heitz in 100 mts surface (41''09) and Lea Pasqualotti in 200 mts surface (1'36''27) were the fastest ladies of the contest.

Cesare Fumarola from Euro Team Torino in mens (1104 points) , and Camille Heitz from PPO (1163) in ladies won the first place of Ordizia Open International. Both Swimmers won the first place thanks to the 100 mts surface, with a time of 34''28 for Cesare Fumarola and 41''09 for Camille Heitz.


Photo: Eric Traverso

Camille Heitz and Cesare Fumarola 

Photo: Eric Traverso























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