• FinSwimming : the Mono-Palm meets the Dolphin Kick

            Since man’s first encounter with the ocean mankind has been trying to develop a way to tame it, cultivate it and eventually live there. Dreamers and storytellers have told countless tales of men with gills and beautiful women that were fish from their wastes down. It was not until the 20th century, and its technological advances in materials, that man was able to seriously contemplate becoming one with the element that covers over two-thirds of the globe. The mono-fin is one of the most recent inventions, and it has done more to bring mankind up to speed with mammals and fish that already swim our oceans than any other non-mechanical invention before it.

            Invented for use by the Russian Special Forces, a mono-fin was first strapped onto the feet of swimmers in order to allow them to move more quickly in the water while keeping their hands free. The military invention led to an interesting discovery. The easiest and most natural stroke to use while wearing a fin is the Dolphin Kick. The Dolphin Kick requires snaking the body in exactly the same way as the mammal from which the name was taken. The combination of the two allows you to swim extremely fast, faster than any other method before it.


Monofin used by competitors, made with fiber glass and high resistance rubber for the structure. 


  • A New and Exciting Sport is Born

              A bi-annual World championship was started in 1962 and the sport was recognized by the International Olympic Committee in 1986 where it has been staged as an exhibition sport ever since. Today, Fin Swimmers beat even the fastest free-style or butterfly Olympic times by over three seconds on a 100 meter race. The sensations are incredible and the swimmers claim that they are literally flying through the water. They don’t swim as much to beat records as for the thrilling sensation of speed.

            Fin Swimming has turned the indoor swimming pool into a place where one swims for thrill. Its popularity is growing every day, with over 100,000 adepts all over the world, counting not only Russia, where it was born, but China (whose women’s team holds the world speed record), Ukraine, France, Spain, Greece, Columbia with more countries discovering its energizing and exhilarating sensations every year. The CMAS (the International Underwater Sports Federation) adds to the mix and has been ably ushering the sport along its path of growing success. The Mono-Palm and the Dolphin Kick have given birth to a new Extreme Sport. Try it ! Get wet ! Have fun! And feel the sensation yourself !

Photos : Eric Traverso

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